This is currently a release candidate. You can try this version by upgrading all Theatre.js packages to 0.5.1-rc.1.

  • New features

    • A new Camera implementation with a convenient lookAt target.
    • You can now dynamically remove objects via Sheet.detatchObject().
    • Objcts can now be reconfigured on the fly via the reconfigure option.
    • @theatre/r3f now supports hot reloading.
    • A new in-app guide helps you avoid common mistakes.
    • Out-of-the-box support for all THREE.js light types.
    • Support for server-side rendering in Next.js and other SSR frameworks.
  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug that caused only a single project to be export-able per reload.
    • Fixed an edge-case where inline keyframe values might remain stale after an edit.
    • Fixed an edge-case where some panes would get dragged out of the browser window.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented audio playback in the studio.


Theatre.js v0.5 · Introduces a 3D editor for React Three Fiber, complex keyframing tools, and an extensions API. More in the blog post.

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Last edited on November 30, 2022.
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