What is a Sheet in Theatre.js?

Sheets contain one or more Objects, that can be animated together.

Creating Sheets

You can create a Sheet with the Project.sheet function in @theatre/core. If a Sheet with the given name already exists, it will return the existing Sheet instead of creating a new one.

// project is a Project created earlier through getProject
const mySheet = project.sheet('My Sheet')

Playing a Sheet's animation

Each Sheet has a Sequence attached to it. You can access a Sheet's Sequence through Sheet.sequence. You can then use the playback controls on the Sequence to play back the animation.


Instancing Sheets

If you have multiple instances of the same thing in your page, like the same animated button, or the same animated character, you would want to control these instances with using the same Sheet. After all, the animations are the same, you just want to be able to control them independently of each other. Theatre.js supports this use case, through Sheet Instances. You can create an instance of a sheet by passing an optional instance id as the second argument to Project.sheet.

const submitButtonSheet = project.sheet('Button', 'Submit')
const cancelButtonSheet = project.sheet('Button', 'Cancel')

You can then independently control the animations of two buttons backed by these sheets. Calling submitButtonSheet.sequence.play() will not affect the button backed by cancelButtonSheet.


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