Welcome to the Theatre.js documentation. Pick a Getting started guide or check out the Documentation pages for more in-depth knowledge. Want to get in touch? See all the ways you can do it here.

    Getting started

    Theatre.js works with any front-end library or framework, but we've prepared some articles that make it easy to get started alongside some commonly used frameworks.



    Learn the concepts behind animating with Theatre.js before you get started.


    Take a look at the latest Theatre.js releases containing features and bug fixes.


    Learn about animating in sync with audio, keyboard shortcuts, extensions, and more...

    API Reference

    Learn the power of hacking with the Theatre.js animation tools in code.



    Gifs, updates, and more on the Theatre.js twitter @theatre_js


    Join the discord community and get help, give feedback, or show off what you've made!


    Follow along with the development of Theatre.js and contribute on GitHub.

    Or, you can send us an email at hello@theatrejs.com.

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